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ABC trusts God's plan for each ball player and we are simply

steward's of your time and mentor's along your journey

ABC "Home Run" program (Nov-Jan) - underclassman

Less than 90 days (Nov-Jan). That is the time table that underclassman have to best prepare for high school tryouts. Tryouts will begin at the end of January and ABC guarantees your ball player WILL make the high school team, IF he is ready to play at the high school level. High school coaches do not cut players who clearly have the skills set, mind set and ability. Don't confuse or assume it was "politics" that resulted in being cut when it could have simply been your lack of preparedness. If you are not sure if your ball player will be ready, let ABC take the stress out of the Process. We clearly understand what it takes to play high school baseball (make the team) and we ensure that each player will maximizes his potential and clearly understands where "gaps" exist. You can have a "great tryout" and not make the team so allow ABC to provide you the confidence that whether your son has what you consider a "good or bad" tryout, he demonstrates to his coaches that he is ready to play at the high school level. Your son might have played baseball for many years, but is he ready to play at the high school level. Multi-year select program players are cut from high school tryouts every year; career rec league players make the team. ABC can assess with near perfection your ball players success rate of making the high school team; but we need time and we need opportunity because your ball player is either Invaluable or Insignificant (more on this topic).

The ABC winter program (Nov-Jan) is designed to professionally assess, then address the following areas of your ball players game to ensure he reaches his max potential and closes any necessary gaps:

  • Technical baseball skills- mechanics, form, fundamental movements of throwing, hitting, pitching, catching, defense

Ball players attend multiple weekly specialized weekly training and player development workshops (read more) and have access to ABC indoor academies. *your key to success: ABC needs consistent weekly connection time with your ball player to asses, address, and start the correct muscle memory drills and process.

  • Tactical baseball skills - adjust/handle the speed of the game, know where to be and when; backing up bases, where to throw the ball, heads up base running, etc. *your key to success: ABC needs your ball player on the field, plugged into game speed reps, plugged into weekly skills/drills on the field.

Ball players participate in weekly field practices and position specific clinics (targeting Wednesday's & Saturday's). ABC winter World Series games provide real time, game speed reps and opportunities. How does your ball player react when the ball is hit? (read more about the ABC World Series games/format). We need real time, game speed reps to assess.

  • Mental baseball skills - this is big one. Many can play, but few are great players. How well do you handle adversity? You know "how to" play, but can you process adversity enough so that your natural talent can shine? Are you stuck in your own head? Does he compete? Does he know how to compete? Each of the ABC training and player development workshops have a mental skills component and ball players (and parents) are also invited to attend optional classroom sessions where ABC coaches focus on the mental side of the game (often under served). We need to be in the trenches with your player to assess what he is made of. *your key to success: we teach ball player's how to be an Invaluable asset to his team and coaches so he will always have a role and stay on the path to becoming an impact varsity player.

ABC Difference: take a minute to review what those who have gone before you are saying about their ABC Experience and click to learn more about the ABC winter program (Nov-Jan); then get signed up.

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