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ABC trusts God's plan for each ball player and we are simply

steward's of your time and mentor's along your journey

ABC winter semester and Player Management Program

Nuts & Bolts and FAQ - winter program

  • What is the payment process? Can I make installments? Installment options

 Each of the ABC programs (regardless of time of year) have a deposit requirement due upon registration. Balance can be paid with installments (with a few exceptions) via check or credit card. Click to review winter program(s) payment options.

Once you register for one of the ABC winter programs, you will be directed to the ABC Team and Admin website (totally separate website) where you will find "All Things" related to thriving in the ABC organization (weekly workout schedules, team rosters, game schedules, Continuing Education resources, additional Pay Here options, etc). is a portal to learn about the ABC Difference.

  • What do you mean up to "4x week" workshops and player development sessions?

 ABC ball players have the opportunity to attend four weekly player development and training workshops each week. The "baseline" participation is one weekly indoor training session (typically 1hr -1.5hrs targeting Tues or Thurs) and one field workout (1+hr) targeting Wednesday's. During these workouts players are exposed to multiple specialized workshops focusing on advanced skills development. Additional or optional workshops are hosted throughout the week (ex: Mon, Sat, Sun) allowing players who have the desire (and time) to participate in up to four workshops per week. All ABC workouts have multiple hands-on coaches ensuring the coach to player ratio is optimal, instructional topics are communicated effectively, and ensuring max reps obtained. There are no unsupervised activities. Indoor training sessions are split into multiple training and player development workshops: Swingtherapy (working on becoming a better hitter), Arm Care (thera-band program), Throwing Dynamics (throw hard, more accurate, pain free), Pitchers boot camp (advanced instruction and weekly bull pen sessions; results charted), Defensive drills, Catching drills. Field workouts are broken into time managed components: supervised active warm up, supervised long toss program (minimum 10 min), supervised position specific skills/drills/fundamentals, reps (fungo). Check out ABC Rewind for a look-in at the ABC innovative workout Difference.

  • Weekly workout days & times? Options?

 The "baseline" weekly participation schedule for a typical ABC member in the winter program is a weekly indoor workout (targeting Tues or Thurs), weekly field practice targeting Wed, and frequent Sat morning position specific field clinic's. Indoor workout time slots targeted for (pick one) 5:00-6:00, 6:00-7:00 or 7:00-8:00 (pick one). Field workouts are hosted on Wednesday's on a field near Mopac/Parmer and south near Zilker Park (attend the field practice closest to you north/south),

  • Please provide information on the Game Day component included in the ABC360 "Home Run" package (winter league games and ABC World Series)

 Underclassman: the ABC winter World Series is a series targeted specifically for underclassman to help them best prepare for tryouts and the transition into baseball at the high school level (more details on winter World Series in paragraph below).

Upperclassman: the ABC winter league is designed to afford upperclassman invaluable "game-speed/live" reps to help best prepare for upcoming varsity season. Games provide ideal opportunity for ABC staff (and parents) to collect game rep video footage to be used in recruiting and player highlight videos.

Winter World Series games are targeted for Sunday's in November (off for Thanksgiving weekend) and the first two Sunday's in December (ending prior to Christmas break). These games are some of the most competitive and productive games played during the off season. Players are drafted by ABC coaches onto a team (often by same high school or north/south high schools) where we ensure equal balance and depth.  Games are 8 innings in length with official high school/UIL umpires calling balls and strikes. Real baseball providing invaluable game reps, live action, live at-bats and game speed environment. These games are an extension of the fall tournament/showcase schedule for some; for others (football players), they are the first game action they have seen since the conclusion of summer ball. Pitchers are limited to 15-25 pitches (1-2 innings max); innings are capped at 3 runs (three runs score, switch sides). Playing time is a premium with rosters set at 10-11 players. Various innings during the games will begin with runners on base providing extra pressure and optimal environment for the defense, offense, and pitchers to work on all areas of their game *ABC game hat/jersey/practice shirt $50.

  • What is the "ABC360 access" pass?

 ABC members have access to the ABC north indoor academy during designated hours for extra reps, extra work and to work through self-paced workouts and curriculum's put together by the ABC player development staff. Access to batting cages with Iron Mike pitching machines; bull pen areas with indoor mounds, sock nets, buckets of balls; thera-band and other training equipment. ABC will make special arrangements for members who prefer to access the indoor facility south. We challenge players to begin their journey to 1 million swings.

  • Winter packages include participation in optional weekly workouts. Example?

 You provide the passion and desire - ABC provides the resources. ABC members have the opportunity to attend optional specialized weekly skills training sessions and workshops. Baseball specific SAQ workshops (Speed.Agility.Quickness), mental skills sessions (Swingtherapy, Handling adversity, Mind set of a pitcher, etc), Father/Son workshops, etc.

If you have the desire (and time), we provide the workload.

  • Why is the ABC360 "Home Run" program the right fit for my underclassman? upperclassman (Jr/Sr)?

Underclassman (freshman/sophomore)

Upperclassman (junior/senior)

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