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ABC trusts God's plan for each ball player and we are simply

steward's of your time and mentor's along your journey

Visionary vs Integrator

Visionary: you (ABC ball players and families) are the visionary. You are the individuals who conceive big-picture goal's and dream's; who define the end game.

Integrator: we (the Austin Baseball Club) are the integrator. We manage the Process and your baseball Road Map; create order out of chaos; provide consistency and prioritization; reduce stress by helping you focus on what is right in front of you. We help create purpose.

ABC can not "dream for you" nor want it "more than you"; but we will provide purpose and process to help you get there. We have mentored thousands before you and understand the process. We will come along side you to help you shape your Vision and empower you with tools and a path; but in the end, we play the role of Integrator (and we are really good at it).

Baseball is hard. Less than 6% transition from high school into the NCAA. Players are cut from HS programs after wearing the school colors the year before and players who have played a nauseating number of select seasons don't make the HS team as freshman. None of this is the end of the world and ultimately in God's hands; however, at ABC, we have a strong desire to help you make informed decisions that help you reach your max potential and achieve your baseball goals. 

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