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My ABC Experience

"Coach Prater, it is because you take the time to translate events (in baseball and life) for our ballplayers that my husband and I have been so happy for our son to be in the ABC program. You see the big picture. Players will see highs and lows in times they will experience tremndous success and humbling imitates life in a lot of ways. Putting GOD first, hard work, a positive attitude and resiliency are keys to this marathon called life (and this game called baseball). Thank you for taking the time, maeking extra effort and caring about our kids. We appreciate you", ABC mom

"Coach Prater, first, we want to point out that we are very happy with the ABC program. Our son has not only continued to develop as an impact player but as a young man; and we credit that to the ABC program and the mentoring the coaches have provided along the way", ABC mom

"Coach Prater, I want to thank you for speaking to the kids and parents last weekend. I believe you coaching the boys this weekend was a true gift. Thank you for speaking honestly and from the heart.  It sent us home with a lot to chew on for the weeks to come", ABC mom

"Coach Prater, I know you work tirelessly on the ABC program and we have always been impressed with the caliber of the coaching. My son's coach obviously knows baseball.  However, it is what he does with that knowledge that is special.  He is tough yet supportive of his players.  He challenges these young men to be the best that they can be -- and they have fun too. My son always comes out of his summer program a stronger and more confident player than when he entered.  I wish the high schools could focus on the development in the same way as your program." ABC mom


"Coach Prater, the Perfect Game 17U WWBA National Championship in Atlanta was a great experience for our family.  My son is a better baseball player as a result of the reps he got in the high level of competition.  Thanks for making it happen with all your coordination and planning.", ABC dad

"Coach Prater, there is so much to pass on but perhaps it would get too long to write it all down even if my memory would be well enough. Suffice it to say, the trip to Atlanta for the 17U Perfect Game WWBA National Championship was a experience and was awesome!  Without a doubt, some of the best kids, parents and baseball experience we have ever had. So happy we were able to be a part of ABC experience", ABC dad

"Coach Prater, I just wanted to make sure that I sent a quick note about the Atlanta trip and about the ABC program.  I was pleased with all aspects of the trip.  It was well-organized and I feel you prepared the players well.  They had a chance to play at some beautifully maintained fields against very tough competition.   The experience helped them to grow individually and as a team, and I know  they will remember it for a lifetime.  True to your mission, you have assembled a group of players who are not just great players but quality people, and we appreciate the ABC family even more after our trip together.", ABC mom


"Coach Prater, our five years at ABC have gone by fast, and my son clearly enjoyed playing with the core group of guys who have been together for the past several years.  Thinking back to where was as a baseball player in 8th grade and comparing that to where he is now makes me proud of what he has accomplished and thankful for those who helped along the way.", ABC dad

"Coach Prater, the Colten Dixon video was so inspiring!  I am so thankful you remind us time and again to trust the process and God's plan for our families.   Thank you!! Blessing to you and your family!", Coach Prater


"Coach Prater, I just wanted to say that I am happy we decided to come to ABC. Finally, I feel as though my son is around very positive role models, coaches and there is a plan.  Who knows what tomorrow or the future brings, but things are moving in the right direction and we are happy. I am excited to watch the process.Thanks."ABC dad

"Coach Prater, I am very impressed with the organization and the coaches. My son is having a great time and I feel he is growing as a player because of the ABC program.", ABC dad

"Coach Prater, what a blessing the perspective you have gained over the years is for your group.  My words of encouragement would be to continue to be be a servant.  Awesome video as well. Praise God for his faithfulness", former ABC coach

"Coach Prater,  baseball is really a platform to glorify God", friend of program

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