Summer experience

Note from the director, Coach Andrew Prater:

The Austin Baseball Club is not perfect (although we strive), however, we will always be held accountable.

I, personally (and in-person) will be integrated into the day to day summer ball workouts and operations. God has blessed ABC with a first-class corps of coaches, however, ABC was founded on my personal fingerprints. You have chosen to be one of a few not one of several hundred and have entrusted ABC with your personal baseball journey. For this reason, your ballplayer (and family) will receive the well deserved personal attention, instruction and mentoring from me throughout your ABC experience.


Below are a handful of topics:


  • Measure & improve; repeat - the integration of Diamond Kinetics Pitch Tracker and Swing Tracker, Pocket Radar and Jugs radar gun has been seamless this winter. Individual players are getting "A Number" at each workout providing immediate feedback. The intensity level has increased and I can sense a heightened level of competition. These measuring tools will continue as part of the ABC summer ball experience. Before you Showcase you need to have an idea of what you are Showcasing (or not). Learn if you come close (or exceed) the benchmark "Number" necessary to impress. Most players are very average but don't realize it. Together, we are going to change that (and turn some heads).

  • ABC will compete well on the field - this I am sure of. I am vetting the chemistry and makeup of the roster to ensure that each player is surrounded by teammates that share their passion to win; and improve; and compete as a team. How can I be sure? See next point.

  • Wednesday field practices - I will be your host. Each player (team) should budget and expect a 2hr practice on the field. Many of you have spent time around me on the field and already understand that I bring a different level of intensity, focus, and expertise. I also have a high level of expectation, discipline and focus. You can expect there to be team fundamentals, drills specific to position and quality reps. There will be Live BP on the Field, scrimmage games (live pitcher and 8 on 8). I want to see players move around in game situations. You will get "A Number" each practice (we will test and measure). You will be challenged to improve your arm strength to the point you can throw the ball out of the ballpark from home plate. Catchers will have intense workouts; All pitchers will have a 1hr Pitchers Clinic and Boot Camp with Coach Jeff as part of their Wed experience (see below).

  • Wed Pitcher's clinic and boot-camp with Coach Jeff. All pitchers will spend 1hr of their Wednesday field practice session immersed in "All things Pitching": developing arm strength, long toss, thera bands, med balls, bullpens, conditioning, core training, feedback using Diamond Kinetics Pitch Tracker, etc. Midweek is an excellent time for ABC pitchers to buckle down and work hard to improve on their last outing and prepare for their next. All pitchers will have the opportunity to attend an additional instructional pitching clinic during the week north and south as well. Pitchers will have a lot of work on their plate and their work cut out. But let's face it, team success is driven by the man on the mound.

  • Hitting clinics (weekly) will be hosted indoor, 1hr in length and will focus exclusively on becoming a better hitter (both mentally and physically) utilizing our Swingtherapy curriculum. Coach Prater will host hitting workshops and evaluation sessions to help players understand where they are developmentally and what they need to focus on

  • Optional small group sessions with Coach Prater - several players took advantage of my midday sessions in the heat of the day out at Preston Field. It was (is) hot but I saw change. For some, a lot of change. I bring a different curriculum of topics and drills to focus on each session. I will continue this tradition this summer. The purpose - make the transition from knowing how to play to becoming a better player. There is a huge difference. I will be testing and measuring. Some will learn that, at this time, you have little to no skills that Showcase well. Better to unpack that with me than in front of scouts and evaluators. I will create awareness and guarantee you will improve.

  • Tournament schedule - it has been a tradition to target six tournaments during the summer. Three in June and three in July (taking the first weekend in July off). Five Tool and Perfect Game tournaments in central Texas will anchor the schedule. I entertain and explore options for tournaments that require travel and this topic will remain fluid. A seventh tournament could make sense also. Bottom line, we need to play; but play with Purpose. More info.


There will be optional opportunities this spring (during your high school season) to engage in extra work and reps along with one on one sessions with ABC coaches (primarily Sunday's) and you will be challenged to transition into the ABC summer program as soon as your high school season concludes. The 8 on 8 summer series will start up in May (on weekends) and then be incorporated into part of the Wednesday programming.


The fall and winter program serves as an excellent "tryout" for the ABC summer team. Not all players participating will be extended the opportunity to play on an ABC summer team. I have already identified the majority of players that will make up the summer team and look forward to additional engagements with new and prospective families that will serve as an upgrade.

Come enjoy the ABC Difference.

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