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Food for thought about summer season after sophomore year

  • The summer season after sophomore year is when prospects really start to emerge and future impact varsity players separate themselves. Ball players start to believe in themselves on a whole new level and many experience some pretty amazing physical gains (mainly strength) that makes a significant difference in their performance on the field.

  • The summer season after sophomore year provides an excellent opportunity to play up against varsity level competition and showcase skills; however, keep in mind how different you will be physically a year from now; how much your skills will increase. It is nice to gain exposure, but exposure when it really counts is key (summer after junior year).

  • The summer season after sophomore year  is when you cannot afford to take a step back or even "stay the same". You have to up the ante. Depending on your role and level of success this summer you will have a better understanding of the direction your baseball career is taking and going to take.

  • The summer season after your sophomore year will be a time for some players to get back into a quality instructional environment and practice routine. At times, the focus during the high school spring season is heavy on the varsity workouts and needs (understandably and rightfully so). It has been my observation that players are hungry again for an instructional environment where the coach to player ratio is smaller; quality reps are a premium; and they feel more comfortable to ask for help (and/or extra reps).

  • The summer season after sophomore year at ABC is one of my favorite. Typically I see major changes on the mental side of the game as well and players begin to truly handle and process adversity in an impactful way. This is an understated area of each individual players game that will become more and more critical for long term success.

  • The summer after your sophomore year, families begin to realize (and appreciate) even more benefits of being plugged into an organization, like ABC, that has a plan for player development; a plan for game day experience; an individual plan/path for each player and a track record and history of success. You can rest assured that next summer (summer after your junior year), is arguably the most important and impactful summer on your baseball timeline. ABC strives to meet and exceed all of your needs and expectations related to helping your ball player reach his goal of playing at the next level.


 We commit to you that ABC will always have a plan. A plan that has fingerprints of all the previous organizational success; a plan that has made adjustments based on previous failure; a plan that is prayed for and the coaches and I feel confident is in the best interest of your ball player's long term baseball success and character development.

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