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  • Overview: the Austin Baseball Club works exclusively with middle school through high school (13u-18U) ball players and families (7th-12th grade). Our primary focus of resources and attention is helping ball players (and families) reach their max potential and ensure that they have a clear understanding of the Process. The Process is hard; however, it provides life-lessons (if you allow it to). We embrace, define, and mentor through each step of your high school baseball timeline. Your sense of entitlement might feel challenged, however, we desire to exposure your ball player and family to a healthy 3Dimensional approach to Player Development (coaching and parenting). You know how to play baseball; now it's time to become a better baseball player. We guarantee that you will engage in a program that is battle-tested, respectful, professional, and mirrors the high school baseball culture in areas of discipline, expectations, skills introduction & development, appropriate intensity, and curriculum. We hold ourselves accountable to your current high school coach as well as appropriate player-coach and parent-coach boundaries. We commit to developing the person and the player following a "3Dimensonal" approach and encourage parents to do the same.
  • The ABC organization is actively and intentionally engaged with central Texas High School baseball programs. We support booster clubs, cultivate strong relationships and personal ties with coaching staff's, and advocate on behalf of players in the ABC program. ABC coaches visit spring practices and games at all levels (Varsity, JVI, JVII). Our staff (and alum) participate in the annual FCA "More Than Baseball" clinic along side dozens of local high school school coaches, area pro's, professionals, and college coaches.
  • The ABC spring ball players have the opportunity to begin attending Saturday clinics starting in January with official team practices starting in February with the spring season concluding at the end of May; 14U players (8th graders) have the option to extend and transition seamlessly into ABC 15U summer program during June-July. 13U players (7th graders) are encouraged to enroll in the ABC "six weeks of summer" program that includes weekly workouts and weekend "8 on 8" games.
  • The ABC staff highly recommends and encourages participation in the ABC January "spring training" program to help each player best prepare for a break out spring season.
  • Players are evaluated using metrics on their ability to compete at AAA level; emphasis on attitude and ability to handle adversity.
  • You will experience master planned weekly team practices (one 1.5hr indoor practice and one 1.5hr field practice), additional/optional specialized skills development workshops (mental skills, physical skill; class room, video analysis); along with personal and individual evaluations and skills assessment. More details.
  • ABC "access pass" to exclusive indoor training academies for extra reps.
  • Game schedule will include participation in local tournaments, round-robins and double headers hosted in central Texas by Super Series, USSSA, Texas Showcase League, Texas Baseball Tournaments, Perfect Game, etc. *the terms "local" and "central Texas" reference tournaments hosted in Austin, San Antonio, Kerrville, San Marcos and Waco (all close enough to commute and sleep in your own bed).
  • Tournament frequency protocol targets three weekend Game Day events each month; two sanctioned/non-sanctioned Saturday & Sunday tournaments and one weekend where we play a double header or three game round robin; leaving one weekend strategically "off" (ex: Easter weekend, weekend leading into spring break, etc). As the spring season progresses, we add a handful of strategic mid-week games against other select organizations and local middle school teams. More about the spring game schedule.

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