ABC trusts God's plan for each ballplayer and we are simply

steward's of your time and mentor's along your journey

Player Development - first class, innovative, creative, progressive

Many can play, few are great players. You know "how to" play, it's time to become a better player. You know how to hit; it's time to become a better hitter; you know to pitch; it's time to become a better pitcher. Members of the Austin Baseball Club attend weekly specialized skills training workshops and sessions designed to address the Techincal development (mechanics), Tactical development (where to be and when) and Mental Skills development (muscle memory and confidence).

Arm Care/Velocity training
SAQ (Speed.Agility.Quickness)

Many ball players can hit but few are great hitters. You’ve learned “how to” hit; it's time to become a better hitter, more

Ball players must maintain dynamic, productive, and optimum posture throughout the throwing process, more

The best athletes play at a different level. Inability to handle the speed of the game can lead to a quick exit, more

Pitcher's boot-camp
Pitcher's boot-camp PDF
Catcher's boot-camp
Typical week of workouts