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ABC trusts God's plan for each ballplayer and we are simply

steward's of your time and mentor's along your journey

Humble introduction

As the gospel fills the "cross-shaped" void in our hearts/lives, the ABC organization strives to fill the "baseball shaped" void that often exists as families do their best to navigate the baseball timeline. ABC recognizes that true Player Development is 3Dimensional (physical, mental, spiritual). Families who thrive in the ABC culture invest in relationships, appreciate transparency, hold ABC to a high standard, and trust the Process. Any representation of the success of those who have gone before you is pure in motive (to demonstrate you are in good company); no false expectations. You are the Visionary - ABC plays the role of Integrator. After you review the content on our website we encourage you to prayerfully consider, as a family, whether the ABC Difference is the right fit for you. Soli Deo Gloria.


The Austin Baseball Club works exclusively with middle school trough high school aged ball players and families (13U-18U). The ABC organization is committed to the Process. Not every player is an impact player today, but you can have the attitude of a champion and a desire to advance your craft and take someone's job on the field. The ABC program will test a ball players  (and parents) sense of entitlement, pride and selfishness. The title of Impact Player is earned (by the player). Not everyone is an impact player today; however, the ABC coaches share the goal and passion to help each player reach their max potential and develop into an Impact Player. It starts with attitude and effort. "Work ethic eliminates fear" - Michael Jordan

ABC Difference

ABC has provided first-class baseball programming and fielded premier select/showcase teams in Austin since 1998. We have perfected a true Player Development Program that balances instruction (player development workshops), repetitions (muscle memory), games and showcases (exposure). All activities in the ABC program have a purpose, a goal and a curriculum designed to be innovative and progressive. We carefully plan each indoor and field workout and guarantee Player Development. Read more about the ABC Difference.

Instruct - Impact - Inspire

The ABC organization recognizes that baseball brings us together, but we view our role in young peoples lives as more than just coaches or providers of baseball instruction. God blesses us with the opportunity to be mentors and to have a positive impact on young peoples lives and their families. Although ABC is a first class baseball organization, we prioritize and embrace opportunities to instruct, impact and inspire. Our primary focus of resources and attention is helping ball players (and families) reach their max potential and ensure that they have a clear understanding of the Process. The Process is hard; however, it provides life-lessons (if you allow it to). We embrace, define, and mentor through each step of your high school baseball timeline. Your sense of entitlement might feel challenged, however, we desire to exposure your ball player and family to a healthy 3Dimensional approach to Player Development (coaching and parenting). You know how to play baseball; now it's time to become a better baseball player.

Player Management

To help manage the Process, the Austin Baseball Club has perfected a true Player Development Program that balances Instruction, Repetitions, and Games. We focus all of our energy and attention on helping families navigate each stage of the high school baseball time line and we help manage the process. ABC guarantee's that your ball player (and family) will experience the benefits of a first-class organization that strives to teach young men to play the game of baseball the right way, to be a positive influence on them as young men, and do all of this with class. Read more about the ABC Difference:

  • weekly Player Development workouts: team indoor practice sessions, team field practice (click to watch "weekly rewind" videos providing you an exclusive look-in)

  • Exposure is a premium. ABC provides a first class game/tournament/showcase schedule playing in events hosted by Perfect Game, the Texas Showcase League, Texas Baseball Tournaments, etc. read more

  • access to indoor ABC north and south exclusive indoor academies for extra reps/extra work

  • mental skills workshops, parent/player workshops

  • written evaluations and video analysis using Coaches Eye app

  • college placement program (recruiting highlight video, recruiting road map and advocacy)

Player Development Staff
Coach Jeff Paras
Coach Nick Spears
Danks for ABC web_clipped_rev_1.png
Player Development Director
  • Founder Baseball Solutions and Austin Baseball Club

  • College recruiting process specialist and expert in the Player Development process

  • Former professional player Florida Marlins and New York Mets organizations

  • Former hitting coach Milwaukee Brewers organization

  • Former varsity baseball coach St.Andrew's Episcopal school (10 years)

  • Hollywood technical advisor for commercials, television and major motion pictures

  • Published Author, Speaker

  • SAG member (Screen Actors Guild)

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