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Road Map to the next level: College and Professional Baseball

Baseball is hard. Less than 6% of high school baseball players transition onto a roster at the NCAA level. ABC has had the privilege of mentoring thousands of families in their pursuit of playing baseball at the next level. We clearly understand the Process and can guarantee you will too. One of our biggest strengths is our ability to advocate on behalf of players in the ABC program (to current high school coaches, college coaches/recruiters, and pro scouts). We measure, measure, measure on a weekly basis; or as we like to refer to it as, "Come get A Number" (exit velocity, arm strength/MPH, spin rate, launch angle, etc). ABC also host's pro-style skills testing combines to help ball players establish bench marks for improvement and gain a better understand of where their skill-set translates at the next level. We coordinate the filming and editing of recruiting videos and prepare player evaluations and skills assessments to a list of close to 100 college coaches.

Testing and evaluating - an integral part of the recruiting process

Baseball evaluators at every level are weighing in and evaluating metrics related to: launch angle, exit velocity; spin rate, MPH (arm strength), spin rate, and spin direction etc. This data has become the norm on scouting and recruiting profiles and can weigh heavily into the overall assessment of talent and an individual players recruiting Road Map. Individual player profiles become part of a national data base that ranks players based on grad class providing feedback and perspective (on where your metrics rank) as well as drive desire for improvement. Click here to see an example of these metrics are integrated into a Perfect Game player profile posted for college and professional scouts to review. ABC is integrating Diamond Kinetics as part of our core curriculum to help create a baseline for improvement and create awareness.


Am I doing Enough - Showcase when you have something to Showcase

One of the topics that weighs heavy on a lot of ball players (and families) minds is "am I doing enough or the right thing" to help me reach my baseball goals (both short and long term). Words like "exposure", "showcase", "tryout camp", and "evaluation" are just a few buzz words that dominate the senses these days and can make it hard to know which way to turn and certainly adds to your already stressful environment. Pressure to start the showcase-grind can begin to set in much too early. The physical differnces between an upperclassman (17-18yr old) and an underclassman/middle schooler) are often enormous. A players metrics at 17-18yrs old will be drastically higher (and more compelling) so understanding "why am I attending a showcase" is important. If your metrics are pedestrian at an age/stage when you choose to attend a showcase you will get a pedestrain eval back. Showcase when you have something to Shwocase.
ABC can help. Below are some data points for your review designed to help provide clarity, confidence, and trust in the Process. Take a minute to read
"Trust the College Recruiting Process" written by an industry professional with many years of experience working with families in the trenches. Click here to read the article where it is posted online or click here to download in PDF form to print or read at a later time.
Below are a few data points from the article I want to stress and highlight:

  • Every ball players journey and situation is different

  • Recruiters will need to watch you play to evaluate skills, ability to handle highs/low's, attitude, etc.

  • Recruiters will often plan to see you play multiple times and will track your development

  • Recruiters talk to references (advocates)

  • Stats and player rankings are over rated

Strong presence by the ABC director

I have been doing this a long time and every now and then a young man comes along that I silently root for in the midst of the incredible hurdle and barrier to entry that exists. I commit to teaching young men (and families) the Process; learn to be Invaluable or risk becoming Insignificant; my best advice is pray about it and hold it loosely because God is in charge; I make it clear that work ethic, wishful thinking and desire do not win championships. Baseball is Hard. Click to review follow up emails and feedback from college coaches and recruiters as a result of personal emails sent on behalf of ABC student-athletes.


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