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ABC trusts God's plan for each ball player and we are simply

steward's of your time and mentor's along your journey

the ABC Difference
tryout dates and info

Overview: the Austin Baseball Club works exclusively with middle school through high school ball players and families (7th-12th grade). Our primary focus of resources and attention is helping ball players (and families) reach their max potential and ensure that they have a clear understanding of the Process. The Process is hard; however, it provides life-lessons (if you allow it to). We embrace, define, and mentor through each step of your high school baseball timeline. Your sense of entitlement might feel challenged, however, we desire to exposure your ball player and family to a healthy 3Dimensional approach to Player Development (coaching and parenting). You know how to play baseball; now it's time to become a better baseball player.

  • 7th/8th/9th graders: we guarantee to best prepare you for spring high school tryouts and make the school team. We guarantee that we will identify your blind-spots before they become stumbling blocks.

  • underclassman: develop into an impact varsity player (as quickly as possible).

  • upperclassman: clearly understand what it takes to transition into baseball at the next level (and beyond).

How? ABC has provided first class baseball programming and fielded premier select/showcase teams in Austin for 20 years. We have perfected a true Player Development Program that balances instruction (player development workshops), repetitions (muscle memory), games and showcases (exposure). All activities in the ABC program have a purpose, a goal and a curriculum designed to be innovative and progressive. We carefully plan each indoor and field workout and guarantee Player Development in the following critical areas:

  • Technical skills (fundamentals and mechanics) workout video

  • Tactical skills (where to be and when)

  • Physical skills (speed.agility.quickness;strength) workout video

  • Mental skills (approach, handling adversity, etc) Ex: our propriety and trademarked Swingtherapy workshop's help players transition from knowing "how to" hit to becoming an elite "hitter". Sample curriculum

Where? North & South. ABC hosts training/practices north and south and have access to private and exclusive indoor training academies. Click for more info/locations on the ABC indoor space. North players train and play with teammates at our north indoor academy (4500 sq ft) and attend field practice on our north "home field"; south players train at our south indoor academy and at our south "home field". No more criss-crossing town (and traffic) to get to practice. Live north-train north; Live south-train south.

What do you mean Player Development and training sessions/workshops? The Austin Baseball Club has perfected an innovative group-training environment and masterfully put together training curriculum's that are engaging, informative, provide maximum instruction and maximum reps. The ABC Media page has videos that provide an innovative look-in at "a day in the life" of an ABC ball player. Each week, ball players can attend and engage in as many as four Player Development sessions that include our exclusive Swingtherapy workshop, Arm Care/Thera Bands, Throwing Dynamics, Pitcher's boot-camp, Catcher's boot-camp, defensive skills/drills by position, baseball specific SAQ (speed.agility.quickness), etc.

Exposure? ABC places a premium on Exposure. If you are wearing an ABC jersey, you will be seen and evaluated by scouts, coaches, and college recruiters. ABC participates in local, regional and state tournaments/showcases hosted by, but not limited to Perfect Game, Perfect Game Super25, Texas Showcase League, 2D Tournaments, V-Tool/Five Tool Showcases, and Texas Baseball Tournaments which attract premier teams from around the region and state. ABC teams play primarily in collegiate venues as well as additional first class venues located in central Texas to ensure max exposure (ex: Texas State, Texas A&M, Baylor, St.Edward's Univ, Southwestern Univ, MCC, Temple College, Texas Lutheran Univ, Austin ISD, Round Rock ISD, etc). The ABC "exposure guarantee" is also backed by participation in multiple College Coach showcase tournaments (as a team) where 30+ recruiters and scouts are guaranteed to be present (DI, DII, DIII, JUCO). College coaches will be present in the stands, in the dugout and on the field. Multiple college coaches will be assigned specifically to our team to provide personal evaluations and host post game meeting. Results Baseball is the premier host of these unique showcases. Click to watch video and learn more about these innovative College Coach Showcase events.

Texas Showcase League

Showcase/tournament schedule? The ABC organization director has been a pioneer in the tournament culture and community locally, regionally and nationally for over 20 years and is a respected innovator and leader in the central Texas tournament "inner-circle". The ABC organization is assured to have a first-class game schedule that is constantly examined, evaluated and vetted to meet and exceed expectations related to playing Quality baseball, in Quality venues, against Quality competition, with maximum Exposure, while staying in central Texas. We do not need to "travel" just to travel; thus allowing families the opportunity to commute to a majority of game day events and sleep in their own beds. However, when travel is necessitated, you can rest assured that we do not take the additional time and financial commitment you make lightly. The ABC rising seniors (summer after junior year) travel to the #1 top rated national tournament each summer (Perfect Game 17U national championship) to ensure we are maximizing their exposure during the most critical time of their recruiting timeline (summer after junior year) *the ABC organization handles every aspect related to travel to this event.

 Teams have a minimum of two scheduled practices during the week (one indoor practice; one field practice). Players committed to the Process have the opportunity to get as many as four workouts a week and have unlimited access to indoor training academies where they can work on their own or follow self-paced workouts.

  • Fall season - ABC fall team's participate in a minimum of six first-class tournament and showcase events hosted primarily on central Texas collegiate campuses on Sunday's; however, the schedule will include state/regional tournament(s) hosted Saturday and Sunday. We target three events in Sept and three in Oct.The lion share of events are hosted in central Texas collegiate venues (especially for 17U/18U teams) as well as other premier and first class high school venues and private complexes.

  • Winter season - ABC hosts a six game winter and instructional league series on Sunday's in Nov and Dec. These games are faced paced, innovative and require players to adjust to the speed-of-the-game. Hitters start with 1-1 count; innings start with runners already on base (adds pressure to the defense); along with many other variables allowing fall ball participants a few more game-speed reps and those who have been playing football, an invaluable opportunity to get back onto the diamond and compete.

  • Spring season - ABC spring team's participate in tournaments, round-robins and double headers in hosted in central Texas by Perfect Game, Super Series, USSSA, Texas Showcase League, Texas Baseball Tournaments, etc. We target two tournaments each month with the addition of a handful of strategic mid-week games against other select organizations and Sunday afternoon double headers.

  • Summer season - ABC summer team's participate in a minimum of six first-class tournament and showcase events (target three in June and three in July; traditionally take the 4th of July weekend off). The lion share of events are hosted in central Texas collegiate venues as well as  other premier and first class high school venues and private complexes (no three game in one day events).

You provide the desire; we provide the opportunity: You provide the Vision we play role of Integrator. Players looking to commit more time to their craft have the opportunity to attend additional optional workouts during the week (ex: baseball specific SAQ (speed.agility.quickness), pitchers boot-camps, class room sessions (mental skills, life skills) as well as take full advantage of their ABC360 "access" pass (to the ABC indoor academies) ensuring each player can reach our goal of 1 million swings.

Roster? The ABC organization places a premium on playing time; however, ABC does not guarantee playing time (this is consistent with the high school baseball culture where playing time is earned, not entitled). Each player on the 12-14 man roster will have a role.

Playing time? You can expect that there will be 6-7 impact-players who are in the line up a lion-share of the time leaving 3-4+ spots in the line up for role players/rotating players. Roles are fluid and at times temporary and fleeting. You are either an impact player or a role player; we do not have a role defined as "bench sitter". If you are on the team, you will play; however, please understand that in sports of every kind and at every level, it does not require Undeniable talent to become an Invaluable asset; don't risk becoming Insignificant (on the team, but called upon only when needed). Read brief article on this topic.

Learn more about the ABC Difference and how your family will Thrive during the fall, spring, or summer at ABC.

Read the testimonies from those who have gone before you and begin to pray about whether the Austin Baseball Club is the right fit for your ball player and family.

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