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ABC Baseballa Palooza

  • What: ABC-Baseballa-Palooza designed to provide Continuing Education on a healthy list of topics. Coach Prater is your host and MC for a unique "classroom format" seminar designed for both players & parents both; together; same time-same place.

       Indoor, air-conditioned, tables, chairs, coffee, water followed by food/bev, fellowship.

  • When: the summer 2018 Palooza will be hosted Sunday 6/10, 1:30-5:00 (followed by fellowship and an opportunity to order food, beverage, snacks from Hideaway Kitchen).

  • Where: Hideaway Kitchen & Bar adjacent to the Ramada in near IH-35 and Ben White - 4323 South IH 35, Austin 78744 - map (sits just south of the Omni Hotel)

  • What is a "classroom format"? parents and players bring something to write with and write on. Open-mind, ready to listen and called on to participate. Topical handout(s) will be provided *this is a player & parent event. I am not going to turn away a player by himself or parent(s) without player.

  • Itinerary/time line:Three +- hours is a long time and you are welcome to come & go. Pop in for what you want to hear, pop out when you have had enough. I am dividing the Palooza into three sections: (*these time frames are close approximations).

  • Section #1 (1:30-2:00) is a talk I am titled "Hold the Game Loosely". The purpose is to help ground you in perspective. I know how this journey ends. I will l help you identify what circumstances and events "change the outcome" and what don't; as well was help you take stress out of the Process. I will share from my own Faith Based journey through the Process and encourage you to Hold the Game Loosely and trust God. No doubt this will sound preachy and I will be talking about my personal faith and testimony. 

  • Section #2 (2:00-3:15) "The Love Language of the Game". You are going to learn you have been speaking the wrong baseball language for a long time and have no clue of the "love language of the game". Quick topics like: Invaluable vs Insignificant, exclusive look-in at scouting materials and what scouts grade/look for (I have scouted professionally), DNA of an Impact Varsity Player, Love Language of the Game, etc.  

  • BREAK (3:15-3:30)                                                                                                        

  • Section #3 (3:30-4:45) "College Recruiting 101 & 201, 301". Exposure to what you need to know regarding College Recruiting process, developing a College Road Map, online recruiting services, showcases & camps; what to attend, when to attend, WHY ATTEND??!!?? Myths, Do's, Dont's, and STOP wasting your time.

  • Boring! Maybe, however, if you will stick your toe in on Sunday (come and go or stay for whole session) I honestly think you will be pleasantly surprised. My personal journey took me from little league All-Stars, to varsity as a freshman, all district, all state, signed scholarship to Univ of Texas, drafted out of high school, junior college, signed pro contract (even though I counld't hit), 6 year professional career, coached professionally, scouted professionally, started ABC 20 years ago and have mentored thousands of families through their high school baseball time-line. I know what I am talking about.

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